Friday, May 22, 2009

Well another Week End

It's been so beautiful here in my home town. Like Summer! I'm feeling a little vintage might be in order today. There is always that beautiful, graceful, civilized and sophistication in the vintage photos and illustrated ads of the past. One of my favorite Illustrators was Joe De Mers. He captured something true about these paintings. There is more than a pretty face to them.

Looking joyful and stylish. Quinessential vintage elegance

Joe De Mers

Love this 1970 ad

Tom Palumbo photo. I love this beach and want to transport there immediately.

Joe De Mers amazing work. Love the colors here. Funny I sleep in a rose just like that one.

More Joe De Mers. He makes sitting cross legged even look elegant!

Love this one. All the violet and lavender

Wow the eyes. What a talent for detail he had.

Would liked to have read this whole article he illustrated.

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beansgood said...

Are these all from your collections? I love these old ads!!