Monday, May 18, 2009

Billy Haines "One of Hollywoods Favorites"

There is such a big part of me that just adores the classic old Hollywood style. I think it's partly the great over the top movies I've seen and this sense of textures , forms and lighting that we definitely associate with luxury. Most of us will never experience a Hollywood lifestyle and perhaps wouldn't want all that goes with it, but there is a little of the beauty that we can take home and feel special, pampered and like a star in our own homes.
His Furniture designs are so relevant and current. These chairs look luxurious with so many elements coming together in this design. The perfect recipe.

Night tables with swivel top

Very mid century modern and have a little personality.

I really love how versatile and stylish these are.

This chair looks absolutely made for lounging. It has this luxurious look at first glance.
That is an amazing level of design.

This is my favorite. It has this elegance, but not taking itself too seriously.

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