Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday!

Well another end to another week. So much has happened this week. I got a few of my first
comments on my new blog.! Of course I was thrilled and from amazing women, whose work I adore. I also got an assignment this week to do a huge art installation for a Chanel rep. She is a fabulous, fascinating, warm, generous woman. It seems so ridiculous to be getting paid for doing something you love. Mama said there'd be days like this.
Yessss I will take 100! walls and partitions made of laser cut lace!
In some way, this is just right. The color is underscored by the great design.

This is my Finnigan Otis. He likes to sleep in vintage luggage , I have deconstructed and redone.
I have had a weakness for vintage luggage for quite sometime. I finally found a good use for them. I love that they can be personalized and just travel with us. They are practical and pretty.

A corner of our old living room before the fire. (posted earlier about) I miss it sometimes, but starting over is sometimes underrated too.

Lulu Guiness' designs are such a draw to me. I love her graphics and her apparent absence of fear in putting them on anything she feels like.

The rug's importance in this room is monumental. What an amazing example of anchoring a room. I am fascinated by these billowy excessive window coverings. mmmm.....

I love this mirrored vanity. The curvy legs are so unexpected, but so perfect

I want to spend the weekend in this office. Yes, I could just work all weekend here.
Actually I could sleep, eat, and work here. I wonder what is out the window.....

This perfect set is concrete, but hollow, which makes it less than half the weight. Looks like
it should be at a 400 year old Villa in France. Can't you picture coffee, mimosa's and warm brioche here on a day like this one?

I made this on a larger sterling chain for my mom. It hangs in her entrance like a piece of jewellery for the wall.

East Meets West...... this looks so inviting and accessible. I love this color combination
and it looks like it
could really function. Great flowers in the background. I love French mattress'. I am going to attempt one or two soon.

Chet Baker in 1962 . This album is some of the best Jazz I have ever heard. It's oddly perfect to rest or work by.

Starry starry night.

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