Monday, October 05, 2009

Edith Head. Say no more!

Edith Head is one of my favorite costume designers from the greatest days of Hollywood. She won 8 Oscars and was nominated for 35. She had a trademark for all the great dancers that I love. She would hand dye the shoes and socks of the male dancers so there would be one continuous flow of the leg, not broken up by unnecessary lines. She worked in 1131 films which is just jaw dropping. Some you probably recognize are White Christmas, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Seven Year Itch, Sabrina ,Roman Holiday , The Caddy, Houseboat with Sophia Loren, one of my faves, I love Lucy and The Greatest Show on Earth.... just to mention a few. She was eccentric, but apparently very diplomatic and went out of her way to be inclusive with her staff, which I love.

These are some shots from some of her movies and her beloved book "How to Dress For Success"

I just had to share them. They are from such a different era, but modern glamorous sensibilities. Enjoy!

One of the great beauties had the thrill of Edith Head's creations

What a talent. I love her own look too.

It must have been such an amazing job dressing Audrey.

This is one of my favorite gowns

Lucy's wardrobe on I love Lucy was this perfect balance of wife and home maker and this glorious understated glamor. Such a feat!

Love this eye candy of a movie, "To Catch a Thief" What a gorgeous film! Set Decoration is dizzying and Edith's finery on these two top notch actors puts it over the top.

I love her quirky,"I know who I am" look.

Breakfast at Tiffany's would not have been the film it is without Edith. Can you imagine?

Audrey and Edith.

Liz in one of Edith's brilliant and stunning masterpieces.

Classic Edith

.....and probably the most iconic dresses of all time on Marilyn, from Seven Year Itch.

Vera Ellen knocking it out of the park!

I just love this illustrations from her book.

loving the xray technique..

Love it!!!!

Hilarious and sweet.

What a talent in these sketches too.

This is my favorite. She is getting a chuckle here with a self portrait I think.

Do check this out.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip into nostalgic glamor. I think the beauty of her work is that it's timeless and will always be chic and sophisticated.
Leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

7 comments: said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful. Her sketches with the advice are almost the best part.

My first job, right out of university was working for WWD, I don't remember the exact circumstances now, but I ended up interviewing her. She had the most fabulous necklace dripping with gold coins(?) or medallions or perhaps something sentimental. It was huge and I loved it. That's all I can recall about the interview. How embarrassing.

I hope your feeling well.

Design Cracker said...

oh my gosh Tish!!!!! That is just incredible. Do you still have the interview in some form? I would love to read it. Ha I love that you remember her jewelery. That's awesome. I love that you write. It's the most intriguing profession to me. I am feeling much better and thank you for asking. you're so thoughtful. Thanks. It was your last comment that gave me the encouragement to keep going. I hope you saw my reply. I never know if I should just email you my responses or if you read them on the blog. Either way it's important to me that you recieve them.

lucyslounge-dee said...

wow i never knew about this person shes great i'll get that book

News from Suz said...

Hello Deb
I do a play A CONVERSATION WITH EDITH HEAD. You must go to my website!
Let's chat! Where are you? Best, Suz said...

Dear Deb,

I FOLLOW you, lurking around your wonderful blog on a regular basis and yes I did see your response and thank you so very much. It's lovely that you say I had anything at all to do with encouraging you.

In that case, I'll keep it up.

No, unfortunately I have lost more clips than you can imagine. I've moved so many times that those are the sorts of things lost in the melee.

One interview I did was with Diana Vreeland when she was at the Met in New York. She was divine. That one I would love to find. After, she wrote the most charming, thoughtful note to me on her exquisite stationery.

I'll be back.

Warm regards,

animal print gal said...

Deb, what a wonderful job you have done with Edith's post! Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty!
Great blog too!

Anonymous said...

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