Monday, December 06, 2010

The Magazine article has arrived. Thank you Alison and Tina !!!

I'm looking forward to a new store in Vancouver that may carry my new works I will let you know more about it.
The picture above is the cover page of the article. Tina did an amazing job with her graphic expertise. I feel like a little kid over this article and hope you like it too.
kindest regards, Deborah

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Here are some of the new shots for theMagazine article coming out this winter.

thought I would post some of the pics that were professionally done by Kyla Baily for an article coming out this winter on my work. Kyla did an amazing job and just thrilled to have had her talent bring this installation to life. Thanks Kyla.
I really appreciated how the daylight she chose to use really brings the shadows out. I am still researching some more Marcel Wanders for my next post. I just can't get enough of his genius. I got to talk a little bit about him in the magazine article. Had such a great time with the editor during the interview. I thought I would be alot more nervous than I was. Hope you like these.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mish at Beansgood asked for pics of the new place....

another corner....

The mirrors just make the sunlight dance. I love how bright it is.

more of the living room.....

Some iron rose trees my son Joseph got for me. They look grand together.

another small cutout of the Inspiration board..

Kind of a different angle of the wall with the gold leafed and white

More German Glass sparkle!

I use these black ones for eyelashes. Once they are put in place one at a time they look great on the retro Parisian ads.

hodge podge on the Inspiration board.
Well it is certainly gorgeous here in Vancouver today. Wow!!!!!!
I hope your day is as beautiful wherever you are.
Please me a comment and let me know you stopped by and what you thought.
Thank you,

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Speaking of Chet.....

I thought since speaking of Chet Baker, I should post a few of my favorites. You really haven't heard music until you've heard this man play and sing. Chet Baker sings is one of my favorites along with everything else he did. lol. I've said it before it is oddly perfect to work to or relax to. Once you listen to Chet you'll be hooked.

Wow him and Charlie Parker ..... Capitol!!!!!!


Back in the Shwing of things!!

Love the sparkle of these German Glass little diamonds!
another Lillian Bassman fav next to miss topless 1964. hahahaha! too funny. The fellow in the hat is my beloved brother. He always loved

Have fallen in love with these blues over and over again. Now I'm decorating with them. Especially that Aqua Turquoise. I find it so calming.

This is one of the ads I did for Nordstrom. It really got me and started the love for all blues.

I had a few more health issues which kept me from my blog for a few months, but am so glad to be back. I'm so inspired by all of your amazing talent. I'm pumped to get back to work and make more huge messes!
Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather! I hear there is a heat wave all across the US. I hope you are all well my American friends. Just put on some Chet Baker and grab an iced glass of passionfruit juice and sit down and chill back. (okay maybe cranberry. passionfruit juice is 25 dollars a bottle here)
Nice to see you all again! hugs to you Janet @ French Blue. You are so generous and real and such an inspiration to me. Your blog is like mini vacation for me on the days I need one.
Best regards,

Sunday, July 04, 2010

More nooks and corners

some new acrylic with ground mother of pearl in it and the gorgeous shoe from Janet at French Blue. I treasure this Janet!

The inspiration board got a new direction this time. I'm still getting used to it.

These are pieces off of a 60's kleenex box cover. They are like jewels.

unorganized corner... but sometimes I'm inspired by this.

I'm going to mount these permanently here with hinges I think. They have grown on me. Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Random pretties

....on the top of my desk.
The new home of my mess making.

I was smitten by this mid century modern piece and had to bring it home. It has some unusual delicate lines.

Just had to throw in one of my favorite Lillian Bassman's

Love the ease of this room. I imagine it works.... might be tough getting out of chaise.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Some random shots around the new place.

Dad's plate rack. Can't stop with the white!
up close. Still using these metallics. Can't get enough of them.

Metallics and Mother of Pearl are my two favorites .

Little white cabinet has a new face.

The new art studio has a great ammount of daylight. What a dream to work in.
I feel so out of the loop although have been researching, I miss hearing from all of you. The ICFF flew by and I feel like I missed it. Any faves?

Friday, January 15, 2010

some beauties from Marcel Wanders

“Here to create an environment of love, live with passion, and make our most exciting dreams come true” Marcel Wanders. .
ahh yes wall to wall pearls...................
gorgeous lacy staircase. so dramatic. jaw dropping actually
love this lacey cutout wall and polished stainless bath....... just dreaming. the wrapped pillars. I have some gold and white chinoiserie banner fabric I thought of using this way. grand.
This curvy sofa looks so calm despite the color. I love the drama in his design.
I could get used to red if I had to own this piece. What do you think of the sculptural walls?
These wall panels soften so perfectly the glass wall. What amazing balance.
It's the gold tile shower that really got me here. How exquisite.
This whole room is just so provocative and chic. I think this is the ultimate vanity mirror. Why not take it to the floor? What a glorious idea. The black silhouette of the chair is like an exclamation mark so poised. The sheers are the song of this room as a backdrop to this hand sculpted tub. All I can say is wow. No words for this fantastical vanity table.
His mission quote at the beginning of this post is as exciting as his work. This Dutch designer has won every design award in the world there is to win and I suppose the most impressive of all is his appointment by Phillipe Starck to take over the Hotel division of his work worldwide in his creation "Yoo.". I am forever a fan and dreamer of his work. There are so many incredible works by this man, I think I will have to do more posts on him. Thank you Marcel Wanders for this eye candy today. Hope you enjoyed.