Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Weekend lovlies with no particular reason...

Sometimes we see things collectively with no plan. Just that they look beautiful together that day. Here are some that inspire me today.Love the white leather pouffe.
This velvet chaise is just exquisite. Love the cloud of the floor rug. Just such pretty aqua.

All the shades of pink one needs.

Ooh I'm falling in love with aqua all over again.

I think velvet is on my mind these days because I know fall isn't far away and I secretly cheer for it to come. To me Velvet is the ultimate sumptuous cozy fall texture.
I should also point out the actual jewels on the wallpaper. aahhhhh....

Edward VIII and Wallis Warfield Simpson passed into the history books as the love story of the century.
There is something about this shot that really communicates their confidence and joy. I just had to share this today. In the face of all opposing odds, beauty, love, laughter and victory is possible!!!

I thought this was pretty and don't know if they work though. It's a floor decal. Wondering if any of you have tried these yet .
I know you all work so hard all week and hope you have a restful if not a really fun weekend.

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FrenchBlue said...

Too pretty and so refreshing~ Thank you Missy!