Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."

Charles Dickens

All evidence points to Dickens having some sort of revelation on the delectable properties of Chocolate!

These are also Debauve and Gallais ranging from 55.00 to over 200.00

Yum Yum.....

This is apparently the most expensive chocolate dessert in the world. I think 25.000.00

I cannot scoff. Albeit has a Romanesque self indulgence attached. Who am I to judge??

This lovely box is 500.00. I think that friend to have should maybe be..... hmmmmmm Marie Antoinette perhaps??????

Oh yes! When I first found this box about 3 years ago on line from De Bauve and Gallais, I burst out laughing with delight. Somehow knowing that the French had made a perfectly justified 900.000 box of chocolates. just thrilled me. I laugh every time I think about this important piece of Paris.

mmmm... with strawberries!

I could swallow some unpleasant medicine with a few of these dainties too.

Working on my fake sour face as I type.

Introduced by Sulpice Debauve, the royal family chemist, this range of chocolate "coins" was first developed for Queen Marie Antoinette in order to ease her distaste for taking medicines. She was so delighted with them that Monsieur Debauve was commissioned to create an entire collection called the Pistoles de Marie Antoinette.(excerpt from website)

These are only 200.00

One is lovely too, when followed by another!

We never get tired of this dainty.

For the organic lovers there is this delectable. Imagine! Improving your health and ridding your body of bad, bad, very bad toxins. Well folks, I love myself that much. yes. Yes I do.

Now if your valued friend cannot bring chocolate to you.... you could always just fly to Paris (because only the original location will do) and browse in this amazing shoppe and bring the chocolate to her.
How civilized!!!
Have a fantastic weekend friends. Although not chocolate itself, I present you with the imagined counterpart!!


beansgood said...

Stop... torturing... me.....

cough, hack, wheeze... must have chocolate... need chocolate....


(send emergency chocolate to revive this poor soul)

FrenchBlue said...

I have been here! It is an amazing shop! This chocolatier made chocolate for Marie Antoinette(they laced it with her medicine).