Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Design Quote for Wednesday

"Any room, whatever its size, looks better with many little pools of light rather than a general glare. I like intimate low light just where and when you need it". Roger Banks-Pye, Colefax and Fowler Interior Inspirations

Although unusual, I find this installation fascinating and pretty. It reminds me of a beautiful tree in the back yard lit up on a beautiful summer night.

This is from our genius's at Doornob. I love that it's not only posing as a flower, but pulls it off too.

This beauty is more affordable if you drink a lot of two litre pop.

It is evident , one can never have too many chandeliers....... and that's just a fact.

This piece holds it's own. I love it. It reminds me of a well decorated cake!

I always told my sons, "If you only have a little to spend on your space, by all means spend it on lighting." "If the lighting is right most anything can look great in it, and with out it, it won't really matter whats under it."

I love the sculpted look of Fortuny. So graceful and sureal..I am imagining the lights in this room at night reflecting off the mirror installation over the fireplace. Gosh I miss my fireplace.....

A little grand, but you get the idea.

I would also love to see this room at night.
Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!


FrenchBlue said...

I am so drawn to your work! My computer has crashed and I have been without for 3 days and will lose another week for sure. I am borrowing someones laptop to scroll my reader but can't really leave too many comments right now... but...YOURS I just stared at!! I LOVE THAT First CHANDELIER!! You have stunned me once again!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! I sent your goodies... did you get them yet? Remember let me know how much one small camelias will be. I want one~ I am so proud to be in touch with such an amazing artist as you are~

beansgood said...

You have the best and most interesting images!!!

I wonder if a chandelier made from bubble wrap would have great appeal. Hmmmm..... LOL!

I came across a blog that showcased a chandelier made from silver spoons. Must find and send the link as I was rather impressed at the beauty and originality of it.

Must add that French Blue's blog is wonderful!

Hope you're close to getting that special book you desire. Have you batted your eyelashes towards your family and hinted as I suggested? A "chip-in" would be sooo do-able for them.

Love ya! Muah!


Design Cracker said...

Ahh. yesss. Yes French Blue is one of my favorites. She's such a visionary too. How ar you sweetie? The bubble wrap sounds interesting!!