Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday's views.

Love this office! The inspiration board is twice the size of mine and looks less ominous. hmmm. edit edit edit.
Mine and the love of my life's initials side by side. I like that.

More passionfruit.

Some hand dyed silk scraps.

more inspiration board..

Three pictures that just belong together.

tiny nook in my studio area. I love this photo of my mom. I colored her lips in when I was 13. Such a dork I was.

a few of my weapons of choice. ha ha

more images I thought belonged together. I transferred the images on to plaster covered stone.

Thrift shop find and some lovely metallics in different colors.

Just no reason for posting this except it makes my heart go pitty pat!

I just felt the exhilarating whiff of Fall in the air today. I immediately thought of our old fireplace and how much I miss it. Tealights are just not the same.

I found something to do with my vintage luggage collection. This is Finnigan Otis, my sweet pup pup.

This room looks like so much more than a bathroom. I love the airy chandelier.

White vintage ware has so many ways of dressing up a room.
Really a hodge podge of photos. Hope you liked them.

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beansgood said...

I recognize that blue necklace on your inspiration wall! If that's from your Mom, we were together when she bought it. We used to go on little shopping sprees every so often and that was one of our New West outings down Antique Alley.

Funny to see that! It brings back good memories.