Monday, August 03, 2009

A few thoughts.....(ramblings)

I received a wonderful comment tonight from Janet over at French Blue,(which is one of the most exquisite collections of beautiful things) and just thought it was important to relay what I feel about what we do.
I suppose when we look and get to know ourselves, and observe all the things we thought we wouldn't like about ourselves, we later find out they may have in fact been strengths. We find out what we are, and deal with what we are not. We become acutely aware of our bottom line and what we are willing to stand up for. In that, we end up finding out what we are passionate about. We know it's there, but just have to find it. We then face the direction of our passion and we are willing to search and never leave a stone unturned until we find what we are looking for.
Creating what I think are beautiful things and then handing them over to people who get them is what my passion is. I feel so privileged to be able to move in that direction daily and the excitement of learning new techniques and never being satisfied with just that new technique. I find that compelling! We get our hands on as much info as our brains can handle and then just digest, and then go seek out more.... We are funny creatures, .... who love to create! Thank you Janet and I find you so similar in your passion.

Here's to all the women out there who have left no stone unturned !!!!


beansgood said...

How beautifully written, Dboh. There's just nothing more I can say.



FrenchBlue said...

Dear Deb~
Thank you! Your words are true! Here's to all the camelias in this world!! YOU being the biggest most beautiful one! You are an inspiration to us all~ Your detail of every little speck of your art is worth the world to me! I am so proud to have met you...knowing you has enriched me in many many ways~

Design Cracker said...

Well , I think we ARE more alike than not.
xo Deb