Friday, January 15, 2010

some beauties from Marcel Wanders

“Here to create an environment of love, live with passion, and make our most exciting dreams come true” Marcel Wanders. .
ahh yes wall to wall pearls...................
gorgeous lacy staircase. so dramatic. jaw dropping actually
love this lacey cutout wall and polished stainless bath....... just dreaming. the wrapped pillars. I have some gold and white chinoiserie banner fabric I thought of using this way. grand.
This curvy sofa looks so calm despite the color. I love the drama in his design.
I could get used to red if I had to own this piece. What do you think of the sculptural walls?
These wall panels soften so perfectly the glass wall. What amazing balance.
It's the gold tile shower that really got me here. How exquisite.
This whole room is just so provocative and chic. I think this is the ultimate vanity mirror. Why not take it to the floor? What a glorious idea. The black silhouette of the chair is like an exclamation mark so poised. The sheers are the song of this room as a backdrop to this hand sculpted tub. All I can say is wow. No words for this fantastical vanity table.
His mission quote at the beginning of this post is as exciting as his work. This Dutch designer has won every design award in the world there is to win and I suppose the most impressive of all is his appointment by Phillipe Starck to take over the Hotel division of his work worldwide in his creation "Yoo.". I am forever a fan and dreamer of his work. There are so many incredible works by this man, I think I will have to do more posts on him. Thank you Marcel Wanders for this eye candy today. Hope you enjoyed.


French-Kissed said...

I have been away too long. Just spent some time getting caught up--you always have the most interesting images. And your Camelia piece looks absolutely amazing in its new home. Hope Twenty Ten is off to a great start for you.


Odorica said...

Splendid ! Salutari din Romania !

jlars said...

I've been to the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, and it was the most amazing hotel I've ever seen. I've studied the designer, Marcel Wander, and even used him as an inspiration for on of my own projects when I was in design school. If you haven't been to the Mondrian, put it on your list, it is a must see!

Design Cracker said...

Thank you jlars for your insight. Will put that on my list. I love his work so much. He doesnt seem to edit much the origial concept. He is such a visionary.