Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Black and Whites today.

A few of my wallcards in black and white and some lovely Vintage Vogue. Also a couple of shots of my "Life Cycle of the Camellia" installation in it's first stages. It looked very surreal , petals hanging all over the ceiling . Hope you enjoy them.

Vintage Vogue by Walde Huth

I love this. More exquisite vintage Vogue

This beauty is by a London designer. I love the graffiti style. It's kind of a grown up version of a rebellious tirade.

These are some crazy pictures of my ceiling during the first, very long stages of my Camellia installation. My fan was blowing this night and they were all moving like sleepy fireflies. It was like a dance I got to witness.. I will post pics of the finished piece tomorrow or this weekend.

This was one batch. I should have counted all batches. Probably 250. I have really enjoyed this piece. It was an incredible challenge and learning experience. I would say it was more like sculpting.

In honor of my installation of Chanel. The camellia was Coco's favorite flower.

Ah yes and some hot haute couture to celebrate!

mmmmm........ Vintage Vogue xoxoxoxoxo

One of my wallcards from an original Paris ad from one of my heroes and dearest friends. Thank you again one million more times Tammy. My gratitude shall never run out.

Another wallcard from a Paris ad. sorry the pic is blurry.

Also in my Paris ad collection of wallcards.
Happy Thursday!!


FrenchBlue said...

Dear Deb~
LOVE your black and whites today! You always have the best photos of all~ Are you feeling all better now?

Design Cracker said...

Thank you so much Janet. I am getting there day by day. Thanks for asking. I hope you are well and apologize for the delay in sending you your package. My battle with my body has been at home. Havent been out much. It took all my energy, Am sending today or tomorrow.
I cant wait to send it.
hugs, Deb xo