Friday, July 31, 2009

My Camellia Installation

Here a few shots of my camellia installation. It measures almost 6 feet high and almost 5 feet wide. Each petal is finished with 6 coats of medium. The final 3 coats are actual ground pearl from a Canadian company. I then sculpted each petal with heat and hand. It took about 140 hours. It is entitled "The life cycle of the camellia" I can't say too much about the new home except to say it is involved with all things Chanel. Coco Chanel loved this flower and it was her favorite. She loved how precious it was. The camellia has many faces through it's life cycle and I loved how dramatically different they all are. I tried to capture them as much as possible and had so much fun doing this. I custom measured it for a particular wall that has the most glorious, huge Swarovski crystals on a light fixture hanging in front. The colors of the crystals lit, hits the pearl finish and it's so pretty. The pictures do not do that effect justice. I miss it already. I had it delivered this week. I guess you get kind of attached after so long. ha ha. Well some had asked to see pics and here they are. Hope you like them. Do let me know what you think and leave a comment. Thanks.
This is the top left quadrant of the cradle board.
This is a huge flower. There are 3 super large ones, but this is my favorite.

I just wanted to capture some of the dimension with this side shot.

This is the camellias project in their new home just leaning....was hung today. I think the most dramatic amazing thing is how just slightest changes in lighting make it a completely different color and shade.

You can see in this one a bit of the colors and beauty of the chandelier glowing on the camellias.

I designed it so this window on the left will change the face of this installation every hour of every day. Well goodbye camellias. I have been invited to visit anytime.
Have a great weekend all!!!


FrenchBlue said...

I am floored! This is utter beauty!!! You are amazing! Is this a job you did Deb?

FrenchBlue said...

I just read the post.... I was in a hurry before! SO AMAZING DEB!!!! I am stunned! What are they made out of?

Design Cracker said...

Yes a commission for a Chanel office here in Vanouver. I'm so glad you like it. It's the biggest piece I've ever done . Well huge actually. I am glad it's done.

Design Cracker said...

A heavy coldpress card aww thanks so much Janet. I will be sending your passionfruit tomorrow. I have been so messed up and tired from the blood sugar problems and trying to get this intallation out.
Thanks again, xo Deb

Bonjour Madame said...

Absolutely stunning work! You are very talented. Camellias are my favorite flower and I have several plants in my front yard.

Design Cracker said...

Thank you. such kind words. I think Camellias are one of my favorites now too.

beansgood said...

Well, Girlfriend! That is just awesome and stunning and gorgeous and beautiful! Way to GO! I can see how hard it would be to part with such a stunning piece. When you settle, you could think about doing a smaller piece for your very own self!

Kudos to you! Outstanding.

Mish (nobody's ever called me that but you :oD)

Design Cracker said...

Ohh thanks Mish!! You are too kind. I'm just thrilled that you love it. I have more pics, I just didnt want to drown you all in them. ha ha. I am pleased with it and think I will do some, but maybe mount them directly on the wall. not sure. Hope you are well girly! Big hugs and xoxoxo

Mapiurka said...

Great work! I saw you at Flickr, thanks!