Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marcel Wanders Classics

Marcel Wanders `Wanderful !!!!`Exhilarating!!!!

If Philippe Starck is the Groucho Marx of design then Wanders is the Elvis Presley. With a rock – star like image, Wanders eschews austere minimalist concepts to create more whimsical and decorative products. The ubiquitous Dutch designer who has designed everything from furniture to audio equipment, counts among his patrons, pop-star BeyoncĂ© Knowles and hip-hop king Jay-Z.
November 2007

There are a few images that come to mind when I think of Marcel Wanders and this is one of them. This `Moon light`is just absolutely fantastical to me. I love it so much!! It really speaks to the humorous sensibilities of this genius. It`s one of his ultimate lighting creations in my opinion.

"I think that’s what design is: you make connection between things that are not connected yet". Marcel Wanders

This amazing signature graphic of Marcel Wanders is on every thing from walls to handbags.....so dramatic and edgy.

This is the other image I always think of when I hear his name. The pearls on the wall installation. Just stupendous!! I love that it doesn't come under the average wall covering disciplines we know or think of . The floor is also his signature graphic.

The crochet stool is an icon piece.

The tension of curve and lines here is so provocative. It`s still feminine tho. haha. Quite a contradiction. Brilliant!!

Of course I want to change the world. People who say they can’t under estimate themselves’.
Elle Decor 07

This masterpiece is called the `CanCan Light` of course! I can hear the sounds of the Moulin Rouge and movement of miles of fabric in the Can Can skirts of days gone by. Marcel Wanders has brought it forward and made it modern and exciting. His trademark thoughts.

This is called the `Paris Mirror`from The Beautiful Woman collection. I love that he thought of a name like Beautiful Woman for a collection of chic, exquisite, pampering pieces.

He said that this is his version of camping. I could go for this any day of the week!!

‘Nowadays people don’t just have things because they need them, they have things because they love them. That’s my vision.’
‘ I’m trying to do something that makes you feel like life is exploding. If that doesn’t happen, then it doesn’t make sense’
Grand Designs 2007

‘Design is not as it seems today- just a style!! It makes no sense to still follow the rules of ancient machinery. We can no longer fall in total awe at a tube being bent. We can no longer tell our audience that a product is better because it is easier to make it! Today the industry is able to follow humanity and make its most exciting dreams reality.
As we designers have to represent our public and their dreams instead of the machine and the anachronistic political dogmas it represents. We have to challenge the industry so they will learn to follow instead to lead.
It is on humanity that the design of the future must be built. With love, passion and poetry we will take design to new heights.’

Icon 2007

‘ I always try to concentrate on durability. I create objects that will continue to be relevant, things that people will keep for a lifetime’
‘In the past the industry wasn't capable of creating elaborate objects, but today we need to do more for our audience. Design should be driven by humanity, not technology’.
Home Beautiful 2007

"If I have any basic motivation it’s to inspire, so my b
iggest project is my life and I will make it a masterpiece"

hmmm............make life a masterpiece? YES!!!!! absolutely Yes!!!!!!

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