Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black And White For Weekend Perusing

Of course some whim from Jani Guzy!  I just love her work.

 Love the giant graphics here. I think they work and probably could live with this.

 Wow what to say? Absolutely fantastic and chic.  I'm loving this !

Well if I were going to throw all my eggs into one basket... this would be the one stunner to throw your graphics into. yikes!!!

No room is complete without black stripes of some scale somewhere.  Case in point.

I love the commercial look to this room and staircase. An awesome statement.

There is such a sweet balance in this redo dresser and the painting.  I think this is such a great do over for the right dresser. 

We are seeing more and more, black and white with gray.  I think it tones the tension down a bit and softens the  impact.  I'm thinking of doing a room this color.

......last but not least another dreamy Jani Guzy print.  She is amazing.  I first saw her work here in Vancouver quite a few years ago.  She has since moved to Italy and still creating.  Thanks Jani!

Well the snow is piling up here in Vancouver.  It doesn't seem so daunting from ten stories up though, just a pretty white decor taken outside.  Happy weekend!  Participate!!!

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