Friday, February 11, 2011

Stopped in my tracks by props in a wallpaper display. Yikes!

First, in the interest of Valentines Day coming up and me ......hopeless romantic, I offer a couple of images of some of the best kisses filmed in my opinion.
or Oscar saw it this way.. “A kiss may ruin a human life.

Oscar Wilde

From the wallpaper group Eskayel comes photos for their new line of papers which are beautiful, but completely upstaged by these heart stopping chairs.
Is it just me or are they the only thing in these photos that seem to matter?
This just knocks me off my feet! I am completely in love with this chair. If anyone out there knows anything about it , please let me know here. I want to dance with this chair lol.

They are so cocoon like. I love the white and simplicity of this one too!
I want them all!!!

Am going to continue my indulgent Valentine's Day photos daily till the 14th.
Stay tuned haha!
Hope you all have a peaceful, relaxing weekend.

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