Monday, August 17, 2009

Kensington House

Well here is another beauty on the market in the U.K.These perspex die cut pieces are so gorgeous. such drama! So modern, but a touch of pretty. I think it really has the right balance.
I am flabbergasted at the uncommon creativity here. Wow!! The hanging remnants of vintage crystal lamp bases astounds me. Like a quiet
stampede. glorious perfection is all I can say!!

Comfy modern, comfy, comfy. I love the validity this floor lighting brings to the furniture and idea of sitting at this level. It all, oddly seems to make sense.

add candles and a huge pitcher of Bearnaise at each place setting and this is heaven. (of course along with beef tenderloin and roasted root vegetables....mmm.... I'm hungry. note to self. .... never write about food when your hungry.

I love these neutrals. It is what it is.

more perfect balance. This curvy feminine, shapely, exquisite furniture, is contained by the lines on the floor , window coverings and fireplace. I would love to lounge in here with the New York Times and espresso and brioche. can hardly pull myself away from this pic.

Another beautiful room in this residence, yet completely different from the last. I love the art work and again the curvy wind of seating.

So utterly poetic, and looks like someone scribbled on the wall with this mirror. You can see the sense of humor while all the while being acutely aware of the design perfection.
I must give this place a 10 out of 10

ahhh the view of how these two rooms make perfect sense. I've used the work perfect too many times in this post haven't I?
Well do let me know your thoughts on this beauty. I'm sorry I did not record the price. Perhaps just as well.
Have a wonderful day ladies!


FrenchBlue said...

YOU KILL ME! Every time you post is a treat for my sore eyes! Out of the box and so creative! YOU ARE THE BEST! Did you get your box yet?

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Oh my! Simply gorgeous and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!!

French-Kissed said...

Well twist my arm! So different from my own decor that is feels like pure fantasy. Seriously, I could move right in.


Design Cracker said...

I'm glad you liked it. I could move right in too.