Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mish at Beansgood asked for pics of the new place....

another corner....

The mirrors just make the sunlight dance. I love how bright it is.

more of the living room.....

Some iron rose trees my son Joseph got for me. They look grand together.

another small cutout of the Inspiration board..

Kind of a different angle of the wall with the gold leafed and white

More German Glass sparkle!

I use these black ones for eyelashes. Once they are put in place one at a time they look great on the retro Parisian ads.

hodge podge on the Inspiration board.
Well it is certainly gorgeous here in Vancouver today. Wow!!!!!!
I hope your day is as beautiful wherever you are.
Please me a comment and let me know you stopped by and what you thought.
Thank you,


beansgood said...

Goodness! However did I miss this post, these images, this beauty. How beautifully done and here we are in November and I know you've moved.. once, maybe twice (but in the same building).

You just reek of elegance. And it's an exquisite aroma!

Design Cracker said...

Oh Mish you're too kind. Yikes. I'm glad you liked them. Now on to
the next haha Lord knows I'm sick of moving. So nice just to hear your voice here sistah! Think of you often. These trials only make us stronger and more valuable. as I wrote on FB "Pain is inevitable, suffering's a choice."
Love you xoxoxox