Friday, October 23, 2009

Out and about with lighting.

This is absolutely exquisite. This shade of turquoise is so captivating to me. I am trying to imagine this dimmed with no other lights on at night.
I have , after being back and forth on this one, decided I like it. The metallic finish I think, helps it not to be too encroaching. What do you think?

These are playful but still grown up enough to hold their own. They remind me of pieces from a European lighting firm called Aqua.

This too would be pretty dimmed down..... lots of sparkle.

texture and more texture. Do you like the wallpaper? I would like a cluster of these flowers .....
soo pretty. I love how lighting can change and really have such a different effect in the Fall.
Lighting can be so warm and just suit the hot cider and good book you now have time to read. Welcome Autumn.
Have missed you all. Sometimes the curveballs slow things down. They don't stop me, just slow things down for a day or two.


Lynelle said...

That turquoise chandelier stopped me in my tracks. Gorgeous!!

French-Kissed said...

Glad to see you are back. You have such a great eye and I always love the details you highlight for us. You inspire me to see things I may have missed. Love looking at the world of decor through your eyes. Thanks!


Design Cracker said...

Wow that made my day! Thanks for stopping by and always thrilled when I get to hear your thoughts. So kind.