Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random But Pretty

I thought this tree on the wall was kind of pretty. Please forgive me for springing this before Halloween, but it looked friendly.
mmm silk and pink.......

pretty..... white.....must haves.

We always need at least one Lillian Bassman.

Lighted carpet. What do you think about this. Intriguing or ridiculous?

so fine.... and so pretty with that echo of modern.

I liked this piece, but I loved the floor!

some fun silly wallpaper called "Go Cat Go" from Lewis and Wood.

I found this a few months ago and it's so profound and so true .
Thank you to you who have chosen to follow my blog. I appreciate your encouragement and sorry that it has been a little sporadic lately.

5 comments: said...

It's so lovely to have you back. You are way up on the top of my favorite blogs.

I think the lighted rug is fun, but a little scary. What happens if you walk on it by mistake?

Is that note paper "If you believe in me. . ."? Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were? Yes, what's more important than that.

I hope you're feeling well.

Confession: There were three blogs, all of which I follow and have been hoping one day they would follow me. You were one of them. When I saw you joined I was thrilled. Thank you so much. It's a great compliment.


Design Cracker said...

You are so kind and so encouraging. I feel the same way about your talent and so glad we collided on here. It's so funny how that happened. I just dont know why it took me so long to figure out you have a blog and it's exactly the delightful and engaging dialogue I love.
Thanks again,

French-Kissed said...

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for making my day more beautiful with your great selections for this post! Love the white must haves and I'm with you on that black and white floor ~ I actually love the whole look going on there. Great quote, too...believing is so very powerful.


Design Cracker said...

So glad you liked it Jermaine. I love those white glazed pieces. They're so substantial. Thanks for stopping by.

sweetjeanette said...

oh wow, what a great sentiment! I'm going to have to remember that too!