Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Gorgeous Day on the West Coast

What a beautiful day! There is something more beautiful about Sundays that are sunny. I think maybe the Sundays as a child and smelling Sunday casserole and putting on our prettiest things for church. Whatever it is , it makes for a perfect day. Here is our West Coast. If you don't live here I don't know how you cope.

Happy Sunday,



beansgood said...

I know.... live on the 'other' coast and eat lobster. I cope rather well, thank you very much. :o)

I recall, on a vacation from the West Coast to the East Coast many years ago, getting totally disoriented when at the beach and feeling like something was horribly amiss.

The sun was setting into the land and not the ocean. LOL!!! It took me a while to figure it out and then I was OK but it was a strange feeling.

Design Cracker said...

Oh I ha e never thought of that Michelle. That would be so weird. Of course I'm not eating so thats too bad but wouldnt trade my bridge or the rest of it.
Love you . love your comments you leave here. I cant wait to read them. Love, Deb

Design Cracker said...

of course I left out the word lobster, brain not working. h aha too early

beansgood said...

You have a brain???? Oh, I so jealous. I lost mine along with my waist line.

beansgood said...

Oh.... that last remark didn't come across right... OF COURSE you have a brain and I sure didn't mean to imply otherwise. I was making fun of myself....