Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Beauties By Beloved Dorothy Draper.

Many would agree " America's Most Fabulous Decorator"
A must have book on great style!

One of her classic lamps. She loved to use her wallpaper and fabric designs on everything.

In her day, Dorothy was the prima donna of the decorating business – her name was synonymous with decorating. She gave decorating advice in her regular column for Good Housekeeping Magazine, designed fabric lines for Schumacher, furniture for Ficks Reed, Heritage and, other than her hotel and restaurant decors, she also designed theaters, department stores, commercial establishments, private corporate offices, the interiors of jet planes (Convair & TWA) , automobiles (she did a “line” for Packard and Chrysler in the 1950’s – including a pink polka dot truck!) – even packaging for the cosmetics firm of Dorothy Gray – on top of her residential designs for the houses and apartments of prominent and very wealthy society figures. She also designed her very own exclusive fabrics for her clients – such as her Romance & Rhododendrons and Fudge Apron which she used at the Greenbrier. Much of her work survives to this day, in the lobbies of apartment buildings, hotels (The Carlyle in New York and Hampshire House until recently) and of course, the legendary Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, specifically in The Victorian

This is such a great retro drawing from a time when every woman's home making value was based on her ability to entertain. Yikes the pressure!!

I love this screen showcasing more of her wallpaper designs. The yellow is bright, pretty and unusually not abrasive.

I love this brilliant design of chandelier. It looks draped in fabric being just bare. So many possibilities with this piece.

These chairs whisper, "French Poodle", but the textures and dimension of this textile are really engaging.

So pretty!

Empire with a whole new look

I saw similar pieces a few weeks ago in an upscale furniture gallery. Timeless.

I love her favorite color palette and their names!

What classic vintage design. Gosh I love this.

The small ottoman is beautiful.

This is so typical of the grand feel of her most treasured rooms.

Heeerrrs Dorothy!


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Fabulous post! I love Dorothy Draper. Thanks for the great eye candy!

Design Cracker said...

Thanks! I love her too. What a great era. Thanks for your kind words.