Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inspiration with some Carolyn Quartermaine

Carolyn Quartermaine is the single most influential designer in my life. Her work is breathtaking and like nothing else. She is not restricted by mediums, trends or common disciplines. Her creativity is not limited by conventional thinking, or conventional tools. She made me want to learn all the rules so I could break them with elegance. Enjoy her website.

She is amazing. Deborah.

As long as I live I will be looking for this iron partition. What a flowy beautiful substantial piece. Love it!!!

I did an acrylic painting of this one on the bottom left.


The most important book in my library

A Few Write ups on this fantastic woman.

"Carolyn Quartermaine is an artist who fuses the sensibilities of a past aesthetic drawn from the grandest french sources to a a boisterous play with experimental and radical ideas spawned in London. Hers is a European aesthetic, but one without compromise. " Jonathan Glancey- The Independant.
Carolyn Quartermaine. " This guiding light of style illuminates the pages with romance and all that glitters"Vougue Living
"An artist who understands colour, fabric and quality with a true sensitivity" Donna Karan
"In an age of austerity, textile designer Carolyn Quartermaines delicate manuscript prints shine out as works of art." The Times
Carolyn Quartermaine is an artist, designer and stylist who works from her studios in London and France. Her unique style as a painter and creator of textiles incorporates also a collection of fabrics hand printed in England and distributed worldwide, as well as one offs for private clients and public projects.
She has created Collections for Baccarat, Art Directed for Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Art installations in private museums and interiors for private homes, restaurants and Boutique hotels.

This is a cutaway of a section of fabric , she over painted with these free form roses. I think it will always be one of my favorite wallcards.

This fabric is called "Imperial Letters"

Some other inspiring pics.
I would love to have this mirror in the background. All of the white here is just beautiful to me.

More billowy excessive window coverings. This looks like sunshine to me.

Pretty aqua cushions from a local outlet.
I collect vintage milk glass. It's so pretty and fresh. This shot is so simple and elegant.

There was a chair at the Milan furniture show last week that looks just like her hat. I found it strangely beautiful. The gloves here are so pretty too.

I call this one "Girl Power"

This is one of my favorite shots. This was from the front of a Butterick pattern for this hat. I cannot imagine making a hat, especially one that could look like this.

This book is every girls dream and a must have . A great read on all things most fabulous.
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beansgood said...

so... do you have it yet?

Anonymous said...

No not yet, but I am not giving up hope! xoxox Deborah

Design Cracker said...

No but I am not giving up hope! Deb xoxo

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous pics - I love them all and am off to heck out your tips. so pretty that screen - I covet that too, xv.

Design Cracker said...

Thank you Vicki. I was swept off my feet when I bought "Revealed" back in 98. I am just thrilled that you stopped by. Thank you and your words, so encouraging. I am a big fan your site.

Anonymous said...

Oh those pics are stunning! She is such an artist. Each room is more beautiful than the next!