Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day !

To all of you amazing women out there who are raising your children and those of you who already have,

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

On a quiz last night I had to write down 5 things that remind me of my mom and was surprised by my answers. I 'm not sure why I have never written these or really thought about it in those terms.

I laughed at my answers. They were ,

Hairspray, big dresses with crinolines(that I wore), Dippety Do, gogo boots and lemon pie.

I guess that explains the passion for lemon tarts.

She has always been crafty and creative, I remember her making presents for about 50 children one Christmas. I was 4 or 5. She had collected a ton of small bleach bottles and cut them in half and made dolly bassinets with them. I remember thinking she was Superwoman. She put a tiny doll in each one and all the kids in Gibsons that we knew got one. I found a vintage craft page of instructions for these. It is probably the book she got her inspiration from. I can't wait to show her and ask her. Anyway enjoy!

She sewed alot of my clothes and they were over the top beautiful. She also sewed matching Mommy dresses for herself. I remember trying to sit on the crinolines in church for and hour and a half, and being so itchy, but boy did I look great. ha ha.

Any of you out there wear these accoutrement?

If so I'd like to know your survival stories. I can't be the only one.

Well Happy Mothers Day Mom, I know your day will be filled with those memories too, and now you are a Great Grandmother Congratulations!
I would like to hear about 5 things that remind you of your mom! You might be surprised by the answers and have a laugh or two. Write a comment and let me know.

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