Friday, May 15, 2009

A little necessary touch of Phillipe!

I believe Phillipe Starck is one of the most important designers of our time. He has a playfulness about his work that I just cannot resist. He has revolutionized everything from tooth brushes and running shoes to furniture and hotels. His work does not resemble the work of any other. I like that. He seems like such a character and he's really really cute!

Obvious evidence of why I fell in love with the face.

He seems to love being photographed.

This gorgeous piece of work is called "Miss Lacy" love it!!

This beauty is called, "Lola Mundo" I am so smitten by the cabriole legs and no wood.

These are just one of my favorites he ever did. "The Louis Ghost Chair" For me , these are must have. Their form is so bold, without seeming to take up too much space thanks to the transparent acrylic.

My second favorite table of all time. I love how narrow it is and how that promotes a greater intimacy for family or guests

Another view of this masterpiece

When Phillipe does a daybed it's over the top!!!

He photographed a brooch on a woman's cape and then wallpapered this wall. Genius!!

How can you not love white?

There is this fantastic tension he perfectly balanced in this room. I love the French curvy traditional and this almost abrasive graffiti. The wall color is unfathomable to me. I love it!!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into this world of Starck


the paris apartment said...

Philippe is such an inspiration! I've done a couple of posts on him and these are photos I hadn't seen. His body of work seems infinite!

Design Cracker said...

So true! I will definitely be checking out your posts on him. I am thrilled that you stopped by. I have been fan quite a while. I love your borderless expression!