Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Back in the Shwing of things!!

Love the sparkle of these German Glass little diamonds!
another Lillian Bassman fav next to miss topless 1964. hahahaha! too funny. The fellow in the hat is my beloved brother. He always loved

Have fallen in love with these blues over and over again. Now I'm decorating with them. Especially that Aqua Turquoise. I find it so calming.

This is one of the ads I did for Nordstrom. It really got me and started the love for all blues.

I had a few more health issues which kept me from my blog for a few months, but am so glad to be back. I'm so inspired by all of your amazing talent. I'm pumped to get back to work and make more huge messes!
Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather! I hear there is a heat wave all across the US. I hope you are all well my American friends. Just put on some Chet Baker and grab an iced glass of passionfruit juice and sit down and chill back. (okay maybe cranberry. passionfruit juice is 25 dollars a bottle here)
Nice to see you all again! hugs to you Janet @ French Blue. You are so generous and real and such an inspiration to me. Your blog is like mini vacation for me on the days I need one.
Best regards,


beansgood said...

Wonderful Woman... so good to see you're back to your blogging. I, too, love that aquamarine blue. My sister-in-law just gave me a 4 carat Swiss blue topaz very similar to the colour in your photo that I wish to put into a silver ring (white gold is just too rich for my blood).

We're have a bit of a heat wave over here on the East Coast and I'm most grateful for the river across the street that I can take a dip in (along with my two pooches). Life is pretty good for the most part.



Design Cracker said...

Mish, so good to hear from you. Arent you a fortunate girl to have such a gem!! It's great to be back Mish. I have missed it so much. I really didnt have the strength after the little heart attacks. Just wiped me out for a couple of months. So glad youre there and so grateful for your constant encouragement. Your rose is finally unpacked and I will send it as soon as I can get out. I've been immobilized a little by the pain lately. But soon I will get myself to the post office. Love you.xoxox