Monday, September 07, 2009

10 of my Wallcards.

I was asked to post my wallcards, so I thought I would do 10 a day. They were started about 7 years ago and have been in the Pacific Northwest including Seattle and Vancouver. They are now exclusively sold thru a lovely store here called "Peridot" here in Vancouver. If you ever have a chance it is the most engaging, enchanting experience. There is simply nothing like this place.
I like to call them jewellery for the home. They look great on a door knob or a dresser pull or powder room or really anywhere without a big commitment to changing anything in your room for them. They are divided into different categories being, Children's, Carolyn Quartermaine,Vintage Parisian ads, vintage wallpaper. I love the sparkle of the glass on them! Hope you like them and if you would like to buy any, just let me know.This is from the Carolyn Quartermaine collection. She stuck this piece of silk to a rusty iron panel and left it outside. When she pulled it off, this beautiful rust patina was left. What a genius
This is from the Parisian ad collection. They were really the first category after the Eiffel Towers. Their ads (this one 1950's) were so elegant and beautiful.

Another Carolyn card. Love this blue.

From the Paris ad collection. She has individually applied eyelashes.

From the Eiffel collection. This one is from early 60's

Love this Paris ad. It reminds me of my mom . It was made the month and year I was born, so it's kind of special to me.

This Paris ad is just timeless. Amazing style.

The Ballet.

CQ collection

Also Carolyns. Amazing color.
Hope you like them. I will post 10 more tomorrow.

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