Friday, July 31, 2009

My Camellia Installation

Here a few shots of my camellia installation. It measures almost 6 feet high and almost 5 feet wide. Each petal is finished with 6 coats of medium. The final 3 coats are actual ground pearl from a Canadian company. I then sculpted each petal with heat and hand. It took about 140 hours. It is entitled "The life cycle of the camellia" I can't say too much about the new home except to say it is involved with all things Chanel. Coco Chanel loved this flower and it was her favorite. She loved how precious it was. The camellia has many faces through it's life cycle and I loved how dramatically different they all are. I tried to capture them as much as possible and had so much fun doing this. I custom measured it for a particular wall that has the most glorious, huge Swarovski crystals on a light fixture hanging in front. The colors of the crystals lit, hits the pearl finish and it's so pretty. The pictures do not do that effect justice. I miss it already. I had it delivered this week. I guess you get kind of attached after so long. ha ha. Well some had asked to see pics and here they are. Hope you like them. Do let me know what you think and leave a comment. Thanks.
This is the top left quadrant of the cradle board.
This is a huge flower. There are 3 super large ones, but this is my favorite.

I just wanted to capture some of the dimension with this side shot.

This is the camellias project in their new home just leaning....was hung today. I think the most dramatic amazing thing is how just slightest changes in lighting make it a completely different color and shade.

You can see in this one a bit of the colors and beauty of the chandelier glowing on the camellias.

I designed it so this window on the left will change the face of this installation every hour of every day. Well goodbye camellias. I have been invited to visit anytime.
Have a great weekend all!!!

Interior Design Quote for Friday

Just Black and Whites today.

A few of my wallcards in black and white and some lovely Vintage Vogue. Also a couple of shots of my "Life Cycle of the Camellia" installation in it's first stages. It looked very surreal , petals hanging all over the ceiling . Hope you enjoy them.

Vintage Vogue by Walde Huth

I love this. More exquisite vintage Vogue

This beauty is by a London designer. I love the graffiti style. It's kind of a grown up version of a rebellious tirade.

These are some crazy pictures of my ceiling during the first, very long stages of my Camellia installation. My fan was blowing this night and they were all moving like sleepy fireflies. It was like a dance I got to witness.. I will post pics of the finished piece tomorrow or this weekend.

This was one batch. I should have counted all batches. Probably 250. I have really enjoyed this piece. It was an incredible challenge and learning experience. I would say it was more like sculpting.

In honor of my installation of Chanel. The camellia was Coco's favorite flower.

Ah yes and some hot haute couture to celebrate!

mmmmm........ Vintage Vogue xoxoxoxoxo

One of my wallcards from an original Paris ad from one of my heroes and dearest friends. Thank you again one million more times Tammy. My gratitude shall never run out.

Another wallcard from a Paris ad. sorry the pic is blurry.

Also in my Paris ad collection of wallcards.
Happy Thursday!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

So Nice To Be Back!

I have missed sharing my passions and pics. So nice to be back. Missed all of you and hope you are well and having a great summer. I have been thru a few medical issues this last few weeks, but all is well and getting the hang of injecting myself with insulin. It's kind of sketchy. I get nervous and then of course the whole thing doesn't go that well. Last night made it all worth it tho. My daughter was coaching me (so cute) and held some frozen veggies on my stomach first. My grandson , Cole who is 19 months old, came in the room and saw us and as soon as the needle went in , he started clapping for me. We just broke up laughing and the needle was shaking with my hysterical laughter. Finally got it finished and will always remember that moment. haha. He is so generous and sweet.

These are some lovelies that inspired me this last few weeks.

I love these crisp white linens.

Love vintage Vogue

It's interesting how in whatever state these little French settees survive in, they are still absolutely beautiful.

One of my faves. I have this one blown up. I want to do this one wall size in my room for a movie watching theme

We are constantly romanced by this wonder. Thank you Gustav!

What a perfect use of the gorgeous daylight.

I know I've posted this one before but this is such understated use of Mies Vander Rohe's Barcelona ottoman. I love everything about this corner.

This looks so summery!

I find the mirror border intriguing. hmmm. I appreciate the design of this bed. I think it could really be dressed up.

More Mies Vander Rohe. What a brilliant pairing.

Nice to see you again.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.......

I missed blogging this last week or so. I had some computer trouble along with a kind service man from our cable company. Wow, I cant believe how long it took him. Beyond my tech comprehension. I have so many favorite things and images, it's silly to say these are faves, but I am delighted by these. Hope this post finds you all well and happy and hope you had a great 4th of July.I love this photo by Annie Liebovitz. It's so impressive, her authority which allows her to set up any shot she can think up. I watched this beautiful documentary of her work. What an overcomer and amazing woman. I'm also a big Shakespeare fan.
I have been so affected by how dreamy and wonderful this looks. I imagine big huge, bright stars in the sky and some lemon tarts on a blanket here, with cappuccinos in cottage mugs. mmm. My son is looking into a projector for me. They are actually affordable. We have outdoor movies in the park here where I live and it's just the most enchanting wonder. Kids are in their pyjamas and whole families eat popcorn and junkfood. Just amazing!!

Not only the most beautiful, unique store in Vancouver, but the bar by which all others are measured. We are so fortunate to have this Jewel. Every amazing piece is something I want to take home. Do stop in if you visit.

If ever indifference could be acceptable...... even attractive and desired, it would be in this pic. I love how uninvolved she is while looking absolutely smashing!!! One of my favorites ever.

These are new pieces in resin from our very own, spectacular Martha Sturdy. Her work is always on the edge. This luminous , show stopping furniture is so beautiful and has such impact. Even her small accessories carry such weight. She is known worldwide and resides right here in Vancouver. Go Martha!!!!!!

Another Vancouver design store called Lumiaire. These ruffles are grown up somehow and I love the curvy organic look.

These beauties are from Paris and are on their way here. Sorry girls, I saw them at Janet's "French Blue" and they were must haves.
This woman has some of the most discerning , impeccable taste I have ever seen. I wanted everything from her store, but not possible, well not at this time anyway. If you have not drank her blog, you really need to take a visit. I always smile there.

I see in everything Phillipe Starck designs a bit of cheeky and mischief. These are "Dr. No" I just love them. So crisp and intentional.

Ohh.... I know I've mentioned him before, but you could eat those lemon tarts under the stars while listening to Chet. Well you could do anything while listening to Chet. Oddly enough, you can work or relax to his dreamy horn. You deserve some Chet. Check him out if you haven't.

This pic is vintage Vogue. I just get such a kick out of it. Style and play together.

My favorite part of my inspiration board above my art desk. It needs editing so badly. Just haven't had time.

One pretty street view here in Vancouver. Such a beautiful city! I need to try and be a tourist here. There is so much to see.

Vancouver stone carving.

Also Vintage Vogue. Tres elegant!

Vintage Vogue
I love the rhinestones that brim her hat. So metropolitan. Also perrrrrfect eyebrows. Why don't mine look like that? ha ha

Sensational!!!!!! and she's dressed for Vancouver too.

You know .... I just don't tire of these Ghost chairs by Phillipe. They have been around a few years now and I am still passionate about buying a few. It would be hard to pick a color , or even have a color at all. Maybe the black one. hmmmm. They are so gorgeous.
Happy Tuesday!