Monday, June 15, 2009

Here is the rest of that apartment for sale in Paris only 985.000 Euros

This fireplace is just beautiful.

These rooms are so much bigger than I would have thought, but still feel intimate somehow

enormously high ceilings

I just love this hallway. You can feel the history

I could wake up here everyday for sure for the rest of my life. Love the peek of iron scroll outside the window

Can you imagine coming down these stairs everyday? What a landing!!

This entrance is just perfect. It's almost a little hotelesque. I am daydreaming about this beauty.

I would have so much fun decorating these rooms. They would be minus the leather furniture though. This can all be yours for just 985.000 Euros.


vicki archer said...

Couldn't those rooms be fabulous! I agree no leather....gorgeous apartment and I would be happy to move in tomorrow, xv.

beansgood said...

When do we move in! Can my dogs come, too? NOT!

Design Cracker said...

absolutely! puppies welcome.